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SINGLE FATHERAny male that has a child recognized as being their son or daughter aged 21 or younger & is not married to the birth mother of that child or is married but separated & living apart from the birth mother of the child or is known as one of the following: (custodial or noncustodial), guardian, foster, adopted, inherited, grandfather raising grandchild, stepfather or are raising a child with intentions to pursue guardianship by way of custody, fostering or adopting 

constitutes you as a Single Father.

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From Great Men

Come Great Children; 

With Great Fathers

Come Great


FSF Family!

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It takes a Humble man to ask for directions when he is lost.


At For Single Father's Inc we are changing the world one Father at a time.  


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For Single Fathers Inc. aims to be positive  effective agents of change in Fathers and Children's lives by advising, assisting, educating, and providing quality services leading to success in Fatherhood and Society.

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At FSF we thrive on empowering and elevating the fathers self-worth to confidently rise to be a truly nurturing and accomplished single father and role model in the community. We are the support system the single father may be missing.  Leaving no stone unturned we aim to lift and conquer all barriers and hardships that may be limiting single fathers from being the best father they can be.

Our Purpose

FSFInc aims to end the divide & prejudice to ensure single fathers receive equal assistance if needed as a Single Mom would. We are the support system the Single Father may be lacking and in need of. We hope to accomplish equality among Single Parent households, stop separating and judging the needs of Single Parents and see them all as one. A Single Parent home is a Single Parent home regardless of the Parents sex. Neither should have to suffer raising their Children alone and no Child should have to be raised by one Parent. Life does happen and it is sometimes inevitable but your necessity for help should not be based upon your sex. Fathers being men does not mean they are always capable of fixing everything and sometimes need assistance just the same. This is a huge mountain to climb to transform the thought process of society as a whole. We do believe it is achievable if the right team is willing to take on the task. We would like for Single Mothers and Fathers to be provided equal assistance in their times of need. Single Father Initiatives need to be initiated offering assistance that provides a brick and mortar for the fathers to turn to. Shelters need to be developed that are capable and willing to house homeless custodial Fathers and their Children or Families if needed. This should not be complicated means to find. The simplicity Single Moms are given when seeking and finding help should be equivalent to that of a Single Father. 


At FSFINC we are grateful for all the remarkable success stories, that graciously 

gives us the capabilities to testify to our united efforts, as well as loyal support thoughtfully provided to our devoted fathers. 

It is undoubtedly with your heartfelt prayers and generous gifts 

that we are able to realistically achieve these incredible results. 

Take a moment today to earnestly consider Partnering with us. 

Thank You!

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