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Legal Assistance

Our legal team here at For Single Father Inc., is constantly conducting research to aid in finding resources that may overcome or assist with any legal setback that prevents fathers from being the best fathers they can be. FSFINC, is about building and strengthening family bonds not breaking them. It is a harsh reality that some things are unavoidable, and hardships arise. We recommend and attempt mediation between the parents to settle out of court via a Parental Agreement. We in addition offer family counseling and therapy sessions to aid in the success of keeping the household united. We are extremely familiar with family court and are prepared to approach such sensitive cases thoroughly and with fidelity. 

There is much information that single fathers are unaware of, concerning their legal rights as them. We inform fathers on the family court legal system. Many Fathers are unaware of free public defenders and Pro Bono Attorneys they have access to if counsel is needed. FSFINC, is not a law firm and will not and cannot offer legal advice or represent anyone at these family court hearings. 


Maryland Legal Aid

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm 

215 Washington Ave, Towson, MD 21204. 


FSFINC, can assist with completing a filing the proper forms and gathering the adequate documents and paperwork in preparation of the following cases:

Child support modification for the



Fathers in arrears due to a loss or

change in wages

Custody hearing

Visitation hearing

Parental planning agreement/disagreement


Mediation, family counseling and or therapy prior to a hearing
Contempt of visitation by custodial parent
Modify custody/visitation/child support.
Responding to complaints 

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