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Movers Carrying Shelving Unit


There are many different avenues that we take as far as employment is concerned. We assist with preparing for the overall hunt. FSFINC does not guarantee or promise employment to anyone but will ensure fathers are given an equal opportunity  &  a fighting chance in accomplishing their goals in obtaining employment. Fathers that successfully complete the program will have an opportunity for employment with FSFINC if they choose and have actively volunteered in a paying position roll during there enrollment in the program. Though we are happy to accept applications from anyone in (enrolled) or out (alumni) of the program if an open position is available. Fathers will be given the tools they need to succeed with their search and preparation for an initial interview.


FSFINC will assist by: 

  • hosting resume & cover letter building​ workshops

  • offering proper interview etiquette training

  • lessons on the importance of appearance & grooming providing a one time free hair cut, shave and proper interview attire

  • and providing transportation to and from the interview.


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