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What We Offer

There are several Fatherhood Program options offered at FSFINC, these programs are used to educate and equip our fathers. At the launch of the journey our fathers are sometimes unaware of the smallest, yet most important tools used to be that healthy father for the children. It is our experience that these educational tools have become essential filling the emptiness that most single fathers have.


As a part of the FSFINC. Fatherhood Program there are requirements that must be met to graduate from this program. Although the graduation is a great step, more importantly that education and practical application of the knowledge. Having this be life changing as each father will have the skills to deal with the challenges of everyday life. 


COURSE 1 - Course one is a requirement of the FSFINC Fatherhood Program. This program consists of a Fatherhood session that each father caseworker will guide through the process. Along with the classroom session, the program requirement consists of 50 hrs of community service. FSFINC takes pride in the development and community support that is done through these service hours. It is the responsibility for FSFINC to distribute and accept the community service projects. At the completion of the class session and the community services, each father will receive a Completion Certificate that can be used for many various reasons. 


Course 2 - A six-week course, which is acceptable by the State of Maryland Court system. This course is offered for fathers that have been mandated by the court to attend such a Fatherhood/Parenting Program of this type. At the completion of this course, we are confident that each father will have a clear perspective on what being a healthy father is. Along with the tools to implement the daily living habits. A certificate of completion will be presented to each of the devoted fathers.


Our successful programs are carefully designed with the child's best interest in mind. Though we by heart are a Fatherhood Program, we offer a class for the mothers as well. These courses focus on co-parenting and aiding in getting those fathers in the doors of FSFINC. Our Father engagement activities are something which allows fathers the opportunity to play and interact positively with their children. Giving the father safe and comfortable one on one time or along with their peers in an exciting group activity. These unique programs are intended to educate and uplift our fathers self-esteem, giving him essential tools and resources to maintain their newfound confidence. The end result will lead our fathers into being the best Fathers they can be and remaining strong, positive, proactive role models in the community.

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